Smoke Detector Installation in Portland Maine

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, it is estimated that 65% of deaths reported in homes fires were in homes that had 0 smoke detectors that operated. This may be a struggling statistic to swallow, but not having working smoke detectors is risky for any homeowner and can lead to fatal accidents. It is highly recommended that you replace your smoke alarm system once every 10 years and change your alarms’ batteries yearly. The team at LePlante Electric are the professionals you can trust when it comes to installing working smoke detectors in your home.

Testing your smoke detector

It is recommended that you change the batteries in smoke detectors once a year. However, doing so does not mean that they are operating like they should. Dust and debris can affect the effectiveness of your smoke detector. Tests should be done to ensure your smoke detector is performing well.

Test the battery of your smoke detector

Located on the vast majority of smoke detector units is a convenient button to test your battery. When pressed, the alarm will sound. Listen for the quality of the alarm sound. Having an alarm sound does not mean that it is operating at its full potential. If you notice your alarm sound is weak or does not sound normal, it is time to consider replacing the battery.

Clean your smoke detector

Cleaning your smoke detector may be an overlooked step, but it is necessary. This includes ensuring dust a debris is not caught in places that would prevent smoke from entering the unit. Vacuuming will do the trick, but make sure you follow the guidelines of your unit specifically.

Test your smoke detector’s effectiveness

The test button on your unit is there to test the quality of the detector’s battery, not the effectiveness of the unit. After your unit has been cleaned and you have determined your battery is providing your unit with enough power, it is also important to test out if your smoke detector can detect smoke.
It is way more simple than burning some toast for breakfast. A small open flame held under the smoke detector will do this trick. This includes a lit match or a small candle. The lit flame may not produce enough smoke to set the alarm off. Blowing out the flame and allowing the smoke to rise to the alarm should do the trick. If the alarm does not sound either way, then it is time to think about replacing the unit.

Keep your family safe

It is important that your smoke detector is operating properly, and your system is working to keep you and your loved ones safe. It is important that your smoke alarm units are working and providing you and your loved ones with the protection they need. Contact us to chat about upgrading your smoke detectors. LaPlante Electric is the professional smoke detector installer in Portland Maine team you can trust.

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