Electric Panel Upgrades near Portland Maine

Technology is becoming more prevalent in our homes. We rely on gadgets that require electricity, and we expect a number of these appliances and gadgets to work on demand and on command at any given moment. This can become hazardous, especially on old, weak panels. When an older panel’s circuit breaker can no longer trip to stop the panel from over loading, serious damage can occur. This includes fires. LaPlante Electric has over 30 years of professional experience to assist you in upgrading your electrical panel in Portland Maine and the surrounding cities and towns.

Upgrading your electrical panel keeps you and your family safe

There are a number of devices and appliances in our homes that we may not realize are causing a strain on our homes electrical system. Easily, we may dismiss flickering lights or an appliance running poorly. We don’t realize we are using extension cords in nearly every outlet or that we are running to the breaker panel often. These symptoms are not user error, or the appliance itself, but the electrical panel not functioning properly. When the electrical panel malfunctions, several issues can occur. You or a loved one can be shocked if the panel’s breaker did not trip properly, or wires can overheat and cause a fire. If your electrical panel is overlooked, these issues can become damaging and fatal to you, your family, and your property. Have a licensed and insured professional to asses upgrading your electrical panel is a necessary step to providing you are your loved ones with a safe environment. This is where the professional Portland electricians at LaPlante Electric come in.

Panel upgrades increase your home’s value

Upgrading your electrical panel is easy to overlook. Current prospective home buyers are knowledgeable and know exactly what they are looking for. You guessed it! An old, unreliable electrical panel may be a turn off to a homebuyer and can be an important deciding factor in their decision. An upgraded electrical panel can add value to your home if you are looking to sell.

Hire the right professional electrician to upgrade your electrical panel in Portland Maine

Having a reliable electrician upgrade your electrical panel is the smart and safe way to make certain your home is protected from the hazards older electrical panels can bring. The team at LaPlante Electric is professionally trained, insured, and licensed to complete your electrical panel upgrade in Portland Maine.

Interested in hiring a professional electrician near Portland Maine to upgrade your electric panel?