Why Laplante is the Maine Standby Generator Authority

There are some very important questions you should consider when choosing an installer for your backup home generator.  Also known as a “standby” generator, backup generators will automatically restore power to your house in the event of a Maine power outage.  Here are the questions you should have answers to, and why Maine residents choose LaPlante Electric to provide them with reliable, safe standby generator installation and service.  For more information, call or text us at 207-560-0116.

#1 How long has the backup generator installer been in business?  

The more experience, the better.  An investment of this size should not be left to someone who has just entered the business.  Over 10 years in business is a good place to start… 20 or more is better.  LaPlante Electric has been doing backup home generator installations for over 20 years, and has over one thousand happy customers in Maine and New Hampshire.

#2 How many home standby generator installations has the installer performed?  

If the contractor has performed a minimum of 100 standby generator installations, you can be assured he or she has seen just about everything and has ample experience to do your job right.  LaPlante has performed well over 100 standby generator installations in Maine and New Hampshire. 

generac backup generator installed outside of a southern maine yard





#3 Is the generator installer an authorized warranty provider for the generator they suggest installing?

Considering this unit will last many, many years, there will likely come a time when something might go wrong.  You want to be sure the contractor installing your generator is your main “point of contact” for any future issues and that they are authorized to perform repairs.

#4 Is the standby generator installer an authorized service provider for the generator they suggested installing, and do they offer generator service plans?

A large investment like a standby generator requires annual servicing, both for general reliability and to maintain your warranty.  

#5 Does the installer have a referral list that you can call?

The contractor should be able to provide you with referrals… period.  Today’s technologically advanced world makes these referrals easier to generate than ever before, so there might be something wrong if the contractor isn’t able to provide a minimum of 5.  LaPlante Electric has been installing standby generators in Maine for over 20 years and has dozens of residents who are willing to vouch for our quality of work, timeliness, friendliness and flexibility.

Here's a recent review we received from a Maine backup generator client. This particular client has had us install two generators, both a backup home generator and a portable generator.

Here’s a recent review we received from a Maine backup generator client. This particular client has had us install two generators, both a backup home generator and a portable generator.

#6 Does the installer have workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance with at least 2 million dollars in total coverage?

Without this insurance, the homeowner is liable if a worker gets hurt on his or her property or if there is any property damage because of a mistake.  When you work with LaPlante for your home generator installation, you will have peace of mind because you’re working with an installer who is who is fully protected… therefore, you’re fully protected. 

#7 Is the installer offering you more than one backup generator brand?

Every Maine home and client has different needs.  Offering multiple brands gives you more options.  If only one brand is offered, who’s best interest is the installing contractor looking out for?  LaPlante offers Maine residents multiple backup generator brands, such as Kohler, Generac and Briggs & Stratton. 

#8 What is the overall generator installation pricing the contractor is offering you?

While pricing can vary, you should always make sure you are being treated fairly.  It is best to take a look at the initial cost of the generator installation as well as the overall cost of owning the machine for many years to come.  

#9 Is the installing contractor sensitive and responsive?

Does he or she pick up your call and respond to your emails?  Do you feel your questions are being answered thoroughly and adequately?  Do you get the feeling that the installing contractor genuinely cares about you and your family?  Learn more about LaPlante here, or contact us to get your standby generator questions answered by contacting us below. 

or call 207-560-0116

#10 Does the standby generator installer offer flexible payment options?

Not everyone has the money lying around for a standby generator…. But most Maine residents should have one.  Does your installer make it easy for you to own a standby generator by offering payment options that spread out the cost of ownership?  This can ease the burden of such a sizable investment and allow you to begin enjoying peace of mind now.