Maine Standby Generator Repair and Maintenance

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Home Standby Generator Service Plan

A LaPlante Electric standby generator service plan ensures your standby generator will start when you absolutely need it. We maintain, repair and service all the major brands of standby generators…



Why Does Your Backup Generator Need Regular Maintenance?  And, we happily work on all systems whether or not we did the original installation.

You bought your generator to protect yourself from unexpected power outages and keep electricity flowing to your appliances. Imagine, the cost and damage of a failed sump pump, or the loss of heat leading to frozen pipes. It’s no fun throwing out spoiled food from your freezer.  All this can be avoided with a preventative maintenance service plan from Mister Sparky.

Why Maine Standby Generator customers turn to LaPlante Electric service plans

What makes LaPlante Electric’s generator service unique is our attention to detail.  We inspect each of your generator’s nine operating systems with our manufacturer-approved 31-point inspection.  Plus, you get a signed report verifying completion of the inspection.

Ask our customers.  They constantly thank us for our excellent service and knowledge.


  • Our Phones are Staffed 24/7
  • You get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • You receive 10% Savings on Generator Accessories and $50 Off Future Electrical Work
  • We’re an Authorized Warranty Provider and Manage the Warranty Claim
  • Our Techs are Factory Trained

All great reasons to choose the professionals at LaPlante Electric!

Pick A Generator Service Plan That Fits Your Needs

All plans feature 31-point inspection of your generator’s nine operating systems with the exception of oil change service.

  • Basic Preventative Maintenance  (change oil, oil filter and plugs)
  • Complete Preventative Maintenance  (change oil, oil filter, plugs and air filter)
  • 2 Year Generator Service Plan Saves You Money
  • The Set It and Forget Plan (No Contract, just an agreement we’ll service your generator for its life)
  • Change oil starts at $158.

Please note our Service Plan does not include: After Hours calls; Repair Calls; Service Fees. And the Manufacturer Warranty does not include: After Hours calls; Battery Issues; Control Board Reset; Gas Supply Issues.

Trust us to provide you and your family with superior service for your generator. Our goal is to have your generator in tip-top condition, so you can count on it firing up when you absolutely need it.
Call 207-771-8888 to arrange a free assessment of your generator.

We look forward to meeting with you and delivering on our promise.