Service upgrades near Portland Maine

The professional team at LaPlante Electric is insured and licensed to complete your service upgrade. Many homes today are looking to power numerous appliances and gadgets that really add up in power consumption. Not all homes are the same and the power consumption is certainly different from one to the other. One fact is certain: we all require more and more technology and our technology requires more power. Providing your home with a service upgrade is a safe and secure solution to ensure your home is handling its power demands. Upgrading your electric service should only be completed by a trained professional, such as our Portland Maine electricians at LaPlante Electric. Contact us about your electrical service upgrade in the Portland area.

Contact LaPlante Electric if any of the following is occurring:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequently tending to the circuit breaker
  • Burning smell
  • Poor appliance performance
  • Power outlets are discolored
  • Consistent use of power strips
  • Recently renovated with new appliances
  • Installed new air conditioning system or heating system
  • Hot electrical panel
A poorly functioning electrical system can lead to hazardous and potentially fatal problems such as home fires and malfunctioning appliances. This can lead to costly damages. In fact, Electrical Safety Foundation International estimated that each year, 51,000 electrical home fires occur.

LaPlante Electric is the right team of professional electricians to perform your service upgrade in Portland Maine

The best way to ensure your home is protected from malfunctioning electrical system is to contact the team at LaPlante Electric. We are professionally trained to deliver your service upgrade and at the right price. We are committed to providing top quality customer service. Contact us today.

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