Air conditioner electrical installations in Portland Maine

LaPlante Electric is skilled in determining what your home needs when it comes to energy needs. Air conditioning units are more common among newer homes and almost a necessity for a home buyer. Central air is a great way to add value to your home, and it is also an excellent energy efficient option. Rather than sticking a unit in just about every window of your home, you’ve decided it is time for central air. It certainly is tough to determine if your home is equipped to handle the additional request for energy, and an HVAC professional may not have the full skillset to determine your home’s energy needs. LaPlante Electric is the professional air conditioner electrical installer in Portland Maine and the surrounding cities and towns.

What is needed to add central air?

Central air conditioning may seem like a simple addition. Air conditioning can add value to your home if you are looking to resell and even save you money. From choosing the correct unit, to determining the placement of the unit, it is easy to overlook one vital step in the process. Each home is different and determining that your home can provide enough power to your new unit safely is necessary.
There are times where an additional breaker needs to be added so enough electricity can support the new ac unit. Homes that have electrical panels that are much smaller than newer ones may require an upgrade. Other panels that are much newer still may not support the central air conditioner. Contacting an electrician to determine what you home needs is the best step you can take to providing your home with central air conditioning. It is also the safest route! An electrician with the proper training and experience should handle these larger jobs. Not having the right person do the job could be damaging.

Why contact LaPlante Electric for my AC installation in Portland Maine?

For over 30 years, LaPlante Electric has been the Portland Maine electrician of choice. As the years have progressed and the need for energy has become more demanding, LaPlante has stepped up to the plate to provide electrical expertise even with the quick and vast changes in technology. If you want a safe and reliable air conditioner electrical installation in Portland Maine, contact us to get your AC installation started.

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